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E8 Gary John Bishop UnFu*k Yourself

Things you’ll learn in this episode of the BS With Bob Schmidt Podcast.

1- Why you shouldn’t be afraid of failure.

2- Learn why Gary John Bishop is not a fan of self-help but a fan of self-growth.

3- If you are not a fan of the title of the book then, maybe you need to UnFu*k yourself.

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Transcript of BS With Bob Schmidt Podcast “E8 Gary John Bishop UnFu*k Yourself ”

Real raw effing believable author of Un F yourself Gary John Bishop joining me on the BS’ing with Bob podcast. Gary first of all thanks for spending some time with me today. I appreciate it. Why did you decide to name your book Un Fu*k yourself?

It’s a good question. First of all Bob thanks for having me on your show that most people think I chose that title because it cannot. You know it’s a little sensational but it really isn’t. You know I mean you know I’m sitting here by my accent. I’m honored to make Scotland and in my little neck of Scotland we tend to use that word pretty colorfully. We tend to use it to really emphasize something over something pretty serious. We tend to use our word. So the book is about people’s lives people’s real lives not some concept of the life that some nebulous ideal of someone’s life but rather that we are already living that life. And I think that’s a pretty serious subject. So I chose that title piece signifying I and for people to identify with that this is a serious subject and it’s something that should pay attention to.

Do you think that most people are living their lives Gary or not.

No I think what honestly I think we’re all asleep at the wheel. I think those moments of quality time spent on wise convincing ourselves about what we can do and then settling for what we think we can and then occasionally it takes some kind of outside influence to turn a jolt isn’t a temporary state of alertness that we might intervene in the quality of our lives. And you know I’m arrogant enough to concede though that for many people that might be that guy.

What was your what was your point where you’re like oh I get it.

Yeah I probably smarm last night. Yes I was. I mean every day I’m catching myself drifting into the kind of automatic state that I could be and I would it’s not a done deal I don’t think there’s a point in anybody’s life.

You’re sitting near your legs cause breathing deeply in touch with the universe. And you know wallowing in a state of karma the reality is you’re constantly dealing with yourself that you’re constantly dealing with some prefund judgments and opinions that are that are shaping that pathway of your future and the more aware you are the more work you do on yourself the more you can catch yourself the more you. Definitely, do something about that future. But again you know I mean this is not only what I do for a living. I mean this is how I view myself with this kind of thinking and I’m because I’m committed to expressing myself in a whole new way. And it and it takes some time and it’s worked well.

How do we get that out of our lives because you know my show’s called B.S. And I know that you say your B.S. free self-empowerment guide but how do you get rid of all the crap that’s in your lives because I mean we all have it we all got our baggage we all got our day to day B.S. that we’re carrying around with us. So some of us showing it some of us just letting it be there you know.

Well one of the worst things you can do is interact. We are happy. We’re thinking the same thing. So I’ll give you an example. People might say you’ve got an anger problem so when you get to work on my Engl now you’re just making your life. But Angel so it’s actually the opposite for human beings don’t work don’t have the capacity to effect saying oh you’re still yourself up with that what you’re trying to effect and you’ll have episodes of sex no effect. No that’s not sex. And in this example, your life’s about the anger I would say to people why don’t we start building the habit for joy. Why don’t we stop for love. Let no self-expression. What are you those that have that for taking new bold actions to stop the habit? There was nothing happening was that rather than any work and some experience of yourself for some feeling that you have to have you get out of your skin a little and start to introduce some whole new ways for us rather than sex something that you think doesn’t work.

That’s pretty deep that are scary actually. What’s the difference between you and some somebody else that writes some self-help book or you know speaking on the same thing.

Yeah. So first of all I’m not a motivation guy you have motivation guys just they’re just tell you that you can do it.

There is a kind of honesty in that. But it doesn’t really give me a lot. So I take a pretty unique approach. And people here when I say I take a unique approach I’m not delivering some new message. What I’m talking about some pretty ancient philosophy and Stoic philosophy and existentialism and ontology and phenomenology. It’s pretty well-informed point of view that I take. And what’s unique about the point of view that I take as my delivery so I can we were some pretty old philosophies but deliver them to people in a way that resonates. That rings a bell like it made sense to them and you know I tell people you know if you read the book they’ll they’ll be pretty significant points in the book. Were you really experienced that I’m talking you know that’s pretty much my old you know? I’ve managed to work on it myself enough that I can identify as most of the Old West and be able to speak to those in a way that people will feel like they’re being guarded and that they can do something about it.

Now this thing is perhaps a lot simpler than they had set up.

You know honestly paging through the book I haven’t had a chance to sit down and read it’s a friend of mine loaned me the copy that I have here. But the different passages that I picked out I’m like oh my god Jerry is writing this to me because on page 12 the way we talk doesn’t only affect us in the moment it can seep into our subconsciousness and become internalized and I think that I do that all the time and I’m guessing that other people that are listening right now do the same thing you know we are as as we all know that sounds like something out of the Matrix but your reality isn’t real.

The reality of life you know on a cold day you’ll have a physical experience that I call that but then want to follow your most is your opinion is I called that and your opinion is that coldness and not coldness for you as a human being are the same thing. And so we live a life in the crossroads of our opinions the reality that some her opinions are not reality yet so intertwined and collide. We can’t separate them so you know your people aren’t when people wake up on a Monday morning are not dreading Monday dreading the opinion of Monday.

It’s not once a month does not know what.

One day these just Monday and by the way you know, it’s not Monday that some people wake up Monday to Monday doing it to you because it was Monday don’t it till you get to all of it. Right. So we live in a snow reality that really seems you know real. I mean really real light. No my job really is this way you are. I really am this way or they really are that way. My parents my siblings are.

And then I I interact with people in terms of what I’ve kind of figured out about them and now love my wife just got any evidence of what a unsterilized questioning yourself and really question of what group that is acting collusion. How come I don’t like a person but this other person does seem like them what did they see and that I don’t see.

And it’s broken down and you know it’s not right to say Bob I hear people use the term self limiting belief.


You don’t know the wrong self-limiting poly you believe that it doesn’t seem like herself. It seems like now I sort of self Wonder Boys that I you know I’m not smart enough not to self-underbidding probably not smart. I number one school or you know only people don’t listen to me. Oh really. That’s not a self-love that I believe that’s how it is. So we’re your SO and your own self when they and believe in us. One of the things that I really wrote the book to do with people was the story intervening jar them away some of the stuff that they tell themselves but it doesn’t seem like I’m just telling myself this saying it seems like this thing that I’m telling myself is real and I want people to break. I want people to get their miracle of being that they have a fantastic capacity for producing the most amazing results. You know it will be way beyond what you ever thought was possible for yourself if you would only give yourself to the thing rather than giving yourself to the same and shaping it by what you currently believe or think or see.

So we’re basically just limiting ourselves and that’s where the title on yourself comes from Yeah.

I mean you don’t have self-doubting beliefs you are self-limiting beliefs like it’s within you. I mean look here the average person above what they think they’re going to make next year and really just ask if you get really really how much you think you want to make. Now tell you the number to 40000. All of that stuff don’t involve and say well why isn’t it. Four hundred ninety thousand dollars. No hover now Westlink. They can’t they can’t even imagine that number. Right. And that’s it. And by the way those are your finances are a great example of your self-limiting beliefs. Now you probably make 40 grand or 20 grand or 30s and whatever you make. You know it’s a wife we make we make love and we did what we did. You’ll notice like if my wife is a boat they can take 40000. All of us. I’m constantly dealing with 40000 or the problem cover day of my life I’m solving those 40000 what the problems I’m getting my attention to solving 40000 a problem. I think all of that’s real. I don’t realize that that’s where I located my shell. I put myself into the game of sporty Guia. And then if I get a real feeling it started to interrupt the rest of myself I might realize I could be planning 125. Are you OK. Not just finances that I could be anywhere. So I often say to people you have no idea who you are and I’m really me now. And I’m not saying and I know who you are. But what I will say to people including my clients says I have a better sense of who you are I’m like the potential Xinhua’s like I mostly with my clients argue for their potential and they argued for why they can’t come up certainly but that’s how it is.

Well, it’s all self-doubting. I think that when you ask somebody how much they’re going to make and they think OK a hundred thousand dollars and then you’re like Why aren’t you going for a million dollars. And you know it’s a possibility but I really believe it’s like you said it’s your belief that that’s your limit and if you don’t make that then I think that a lot of people get depressed and don’t you know set Gary said and be able to make a million dollars you only made five hundred thousand dollars last year. Well, I lost I failed at you know and it’s looking pass at failure perhaps.

Well I think you got to realize we are here for satisfaction. I was as a being. You’re not wired to be satisfied and I’m not to say you’re not somebody are you as an individual but I’m saying if you look at human beings in general terms they as a group have never been satisfied with what we give you know that because we’re still progressing. And why are we so progressive so progressive because we don’t think what we have is what we really want. So we’re in pursuit of something as a group.

And isn’t the badges 11 percent so I’m not telling you like I like everybody else. The Wire to pursue someday in the future when this is going to turn except what you’re doing right now with something you were pursuing back then you were sure when you got here was going to turn on yes say know the and so it’s a kind of fruitless exchange Joy. So one of the things that I say to people is rather than look in the future when you can accomplish something when I say accomplishes something I really mean might be the last in a space where you’re satisfied and happy with yourself and you you’re essentially good with what you’ve I say to people well if you actually look at your life right now in that moment. Right now on this what would be something you could express in life right on some aspect of yourself that you could express right now in this life that would inspire your work as you joy and that’s the kind of challenging thing you take to arms that I say to people life is more like an experiment than a journey. More like an opportunity for you to play with a stand you’ve been given. And yet with the way you are we tend to not experiment with it but rather for shaping and solidify and live life as an entity. And I’m way more interested in people getting them to themselves like that.

Do you think that most of us are kind of just complacent or just kind of we’re just going through life on autopilot and just dealing with the stuff that’s kind of another one at us.

No, I don’t agree a succession of hard-up culture people on the face of it you’d say that’s a very successful person. I mean in a multi-million dollars in dollar house and you know they say shall you know I mean this was why he would say my yes. Even those people were something to put themselves at or defects or change. Their success never affects has not changed. So yeah I mean we latest studies in neuroscience say they are 95 percent unconscious. I mean if you drive to work. Most people don’t even remember the journey and that’s you draw even like a half pint of metal Candy. Remember we have been on this my term IQ or what you said was first day or what you had for breakfast this morning. Why. Because we’re on autopilot. We are on autopilot. And I’m including, by the way, people who say they’re very conscious I’m not just saying this to the people who think I’m on autopilot. I’m saying this to those that say No I’m not on autopilot. I’m saying you’re on autopilot you’re asleep at the wheel and how you know when you’re asleep that it was because your wife did Stover’s things that you laager were best could be your finances your body or family relationship and all you’ve done is maneuver them manipulate them in such a way that you can’t love with them. But you’re not expressing yourself and dive in and tell them and tracking them you know it’s hard to say you know you have a life that you’re willing to put up with. And unfortunately, if the group of people were willing to put up with quite a lot of b.s. Yeah, how do we go about living life then?

I mean as sad that I view white as an experiment and I’m interested in you know stretching the limits of this. I just skin and bone. I don’t mean by jumping in airplanes I’m by expressing things I typically resent. So you know things like acceptance and forgiveness and vulnerability and expressing my love and being confident in being bold and being adventurous and taking on things that I don’t think I can do which is one of my you know one of my guiding things in life that I’m not interested I can tell them what more interest in what I think I can. So I invariably get those things to go with writing a book.

I mean I don’t think I could write a book but I wanted to write a book. But it’s a bestseller. And I know my life is still with those kinds of episodes where I love myself. Dwell myself in the uncertainty of not knowing whether I can deal with while still taking the actions and expressing myself and doing those things in completely surprised me so I’m not afraid to fail. Bob I’m not afraid to fall in on my face it doesn’t mean Anacin it’s meaningless when I fail. I mean it’s meaningless when I win. But it’s nice when I went but you know I’m committed that when I eventually do exit this or whether that be tomorrow or 50 years from now that I didn’t say I gave it all I had. I’m not going to look back and say well maybe I should I moved to L.A. or should have done NSF done that or maybe a shoot up or not. Now I’m going all out. I’m not gonna spend the currency of use rather than save it for a day in the future when it’s no longer of any use to me again.

More deep breaths. That’s that’s just. Well explain to me Gary a failure that you’ve had that changed your life.

Yeah sure. This week or so I could I look at some of the kind of critical ones for myself so that I thought were targeted to my life.

So in 2007 I like many many people had the wall financially and there was a big you know stock market crash and the housing crisis in my house halved overnight I lost my business in the space of a single day my whole business just collapsed and there was gone from like they were in really well in the six-figure income to nothing in 24 hours. And I been the kind of businessman at that time where put everything that I had into my business and it had nothing.

I had nothing and you know I was faced with bankruptcy you know and I started the process of going into bankruptcy and when I move out of this house and like I know I just you know look like a personal crucible where thought you know this doesn’t. And by the way, I know a lot of people declare bankruptcy and have to and I don’t have all the respect and compassion for those people. But that was for me was listen. I don’t need that with these people these credit card companies say this mortgage company off. I have no way to pay them back like none. And I’m going to deal with integrity so any communication with them. I said look I’m lost my business. It’s going to take some time. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I literally do not know what I’m going to do now legally you know scores actions reactions that’s what I said But you know on the question you give me the time to look you give me the time work my way out of this. And they all said yes said much. And I took a job offer and I paid a third of what I made before the and I worked my way I would have an eye on my day. And that is why changing from me and realized that was no longer a circumstantial human being and that I could manipulate circumstances to have them go Oh my wife wasn’t the other way on and from that point forward I’ve really just been someone who when I look at things my concern is how am I going to deal with. I mean I think about how it could fail. And I definitely embrace all of those thoughts and ideas. But when I give my word to something then I’m going to go away. I just keep handling whatever I need to handle until it’s done period all the time every time. And that stood me in good stead for a number of years.

I wish more people were that we actually do you think your upbringing you to that point Gary.

I don’t I don’t think so. A lot of crap from back then that gets in the way. I think it was a combination of maybe some aspects of that you know some aspects of what I what I learned along the way in terms of space.

And then once I had my late 30s in life I started to do personal growth work or started to get into the whole idea of understanding myself but not so that I could spend my life picking fluff at my belly button and telling people what are some good but rather from what I understand myself better and the area of my wife.

What would that then Pollini up to. And that’s that’s probably my big criticism of this whole self-help thing. I don’t. I don’t think I always get people access to doing something else.

I think it just a placates them or sterilizes them to just you know be okay with them that they can assume their there and I want to jump in and ask the question on that because you brought up a good point because there are a ton of self-help books out there there’s a ton of people that read self-help books that listen to part casts and watch YouTube videos and all about being a better me. You know all about making the best me that I can. They read all the stuff they take all the stuff in and they don’t do anything with it.

Very nice and nice.

That’s kind of like again how we are human beings who end up buying books looking for a new-fangled like of that new single like something with you and not saying that no let up will intervene with me and that doesn’t happen enough for it to be a reliable methodology for getting your mind to try I’ve got a problem with the whole self-help thing our initial hearing can only be unakite Self-Help Self-Help Guide like the self-went to help kind of guy. And I’ll look at a lot of and I’ll say this thing and close expert in the self-help field and it’s invariably people that are talking from something that happened in the end.

What I find as if you talk to people about some of the great things they did in life they are not at the source of not what they think make that happen. And until they write a book of that factor kill them they get surprised and they find what actually may happen with something they didn’t think was a. So and there is a lot of those books are more like you know come Monday morning quarterbacking session of a time in the off of life. The alternatives are written by usually like psychologists who just get a psychological perspective of what it is to be a human being which again you know basically all the money gets from folk to some kind of category that belongs to them can self-diagnosis. I don’t know if it opens the door in the mind but I hope it never stays with me.

And what I want to share with people was Yeah I’m going I’m going to inform you I’m going to give you the world. How can we be the way we be. And the one that I’m also gonna make it so real for you know you’re going to be compelled to do something when that book closes. You can’t live with what I just told you. You can’t undiscover what you just discovered about yourself and you can no longer sit in that chair because you know exactly what to do with yourself and your life and you are you know you are the source of it. So I I I’m I’m not a fan of self-help. I’m a big fan of self-growth. I’m a big fan of personal growth and development and I think I think everybody if you’re not working on yourself then you’ve got your eye on the wrong stuff. You’re at work on your Self-got it you got it. It’s ok to be sold with hope and positivity and you know all the stuff that doesn’t exclude you from doing work on yourself. It is your duty as a human being to understand the profundity of your own machinery and be a source of it in such a way that you can manipulate it to your own good.

So do you regularly try to UNEF yourself.

Yeah I mean I’m you know I speak for me. I’m not them.

I just need peg you know spend I’m homework probably 14 or 16 hours a day includes like building new strategies are coming up with new ideas or you all contemplate some months spent six months contemplating some just to trying to understand it. You know one of the things that I was thinking about recently was this thing called confidence and I kept noticing like a lot of people used that word to describe why they don’t do things that I don’t have confidence like I could have. And if you if you ask yourself what people say stuff I don’t have confidence and then they just go on with their knowledge but they haven’t even thought to put it where we were located. Is there a confidence or can that I could perhaps get transplanted into my body perhaps there was a trigger for coincidence.

And yeah I know that triggers usually a couple of martinis triggered your confidence.

But ultimately like what I said if they support an offer you’ll see I’m using this as an example of what I do think of confidence and off you’ll see that confidence is variants of yourself that are like when you look at what you are of today and you can see something and now you’re seeing usually and the familiarity the air you experienced some conflict. You look at some and it’s not familiar and it’s unknown and uncertain you will not experience confidence. But I think it’s got to be something there for you that you can identify with. That would then allow you to experience sustained Cocroft people. People point themselves toward situations and circumstances where we can experience that confidence that would then allow them to step into it. The problem with that is if you identify something with what you’re up to date that means you’ve either done it or saw somebody else do it which means you’re not doing anything. You’ll never do anything knows what you’re looking for is confidence is an indicator of the familiar. So one might consider maybe I should be doing the things that I’m totally uncertain about unfamiliar West and exposing myself and giving myself to mastering.

Is it possible to ever master any you know any of that stuff.

I don’t think my stories have a destination but I think it’s a place you come from. Thank you. I think you. If you ever get stuck in Lyson or rather when you get stuck in life you might ask that cell phone probably is going to be masterful with us. What would I do. You would ask yourself the kind of question that would demand an answer from you. So if you’re somebody who procrastinates in your line is open watch who will know and you know you should be getting my work done. So you have a life to yourself with the or again wait some kind of procrastination or getting within you and you start looking up books and might have seasonal adjustment Centrum disease whatever. I think that’s what’s going on and I think it’s because some McDell when my dad being an asshole with a kid I ask is why on watching Hulu tonight. Or you might ask yourself what are you hearing and laying on the sofa. I say I’m committed to writing a book or being a musician or being a power or an artist or being financially successful. If I really am committed to that what with a master’s degree right now and you would start to be an act in the ways of a master way because a master is always in pursuit of mastery but not like to get there but actually to have that be a way of life.

Who is Gary John Bishop?

I like to call him somebody once told me that I am the urban philosopher.

Everybody’s a philosopher. By the way it’s not some philosophy is you someone who’s willing to look at life and offer some kind of opinion. So everybody’s a philosopher. So who are you. I like to position myself as an everyman an everyday kind of guy. I spend a lot of time thinking and studying and reading but I’m I’m I’m giving my wife making a deferent for people what people. Any party at all. I don’t care. And I’m going to use my wife or I’m going to die doing that you know whatever little I am able to pull together and offer people that shakes them free from that chain of mediocrity and sadness and I’m going to keep going and keep buying the way that go away for people. Because if it’s a challenging time to be a human being here and any little better please and space you can get as a human in you should take it. And there are people out there who did good things and offer the kind of stuff to people that does make a difference. You know I’m committed to being one of those human beings for other human beings.

On your website, I see that you have clients that are professional sports stars and corporate superstars as well. What’s the difference between a corporate star and a sports star.

I mean there’s a fundamental sameness tell them so it’s like that’s kinda commitment to something and to say OK you know an all-consuming commitment specialty. It grows even within those particular domains. So even if you look at sports some of the categories that have come to people and like basketball and NHL I don’t count them or our culture and who they are and this poor they even within the particular sport it starts to separate like the passion gets bigger with some of them and the ones who wanna competitions get to those next level. That’s often what we come for and it’s the same in those you know in those big corporations. There’s a lot of really talented waterlilies SAS or very analytical human beings operate the paradigm of of business but it’s a very isolated game business very longly and it’s a game the doesn’t allow you to get in touch with your full humanity. It’s kind of like you’re very limited in your expression in the part of society you know because it’s all very very very cutthroat in many ways goes against what it is to be a human being to be a human being to connect with other human being but in business for example there’s this kind of real distrust of connection. I still not know what’s in it for them what’s in it for me.

And so and so I work with people that can expand their capacity for not only being effective at what they do but expands their capacity for being effective with who they are.

Do they want the same thing to the sports stars and corporate stars want the same thing.

Yeah yeah they want the same thing that you want the same saying Well how different is everybody is living their lives doing things that they believe will leave them and leave them in a certain way. French existentialist Sean Paul Sarbanes I’m paraphrasing. He was a lot smarter than me but people live lives of pursuit we were pursuing. And for us it’s at some level it’s something called the unhappy or or certainly like yeah I’m going to get out there because when I get out of then I’ll be happy or satisfied or whatever the thing is I’ll be left in some state of satisfaction or was and we get so wrapped up in our lives that we forget. That’s why I dealt with we get we go done tons. And so but I don’t care whether you’re you know an NHL player or you’re somebody who you’re a stay at home dad ultimately your life is about that suit of that state. So you know it might be from a few more proccess months and you don’t get a 200 dollar Vardas then I’ll get that same now will be good or you go into a department store. Yeah. Someone to buy shoes. I don’t know the money but I’m getting no she’s. Why would I do that because I really believe in my heart of hearts of one type buy them. I’ll be better off. I feel better. The same with a car and that vacation in the body in the bank fountain is one of these days when it all comes together for me. I’ll be good. Anybody who’s done all of those things would tell you. The problem with all of that is you do all those things and you realize that you’re still here. And when you hit that point you really are a net. I mean you’re screwed.

So you look right now in the news there’s a lot of stuff in the news of sexual harassment and people just acting in ways that are completely inappropriate. Totally like integrity and you would ask why how would you do that. I mean look at your life. You go to your you know playing in a because the same wiring that was there when they started their journey. It’s still there. And believe it or not people started mash with their success to give themselves something to grind again something else effects because you know what do you do when it’s all perfect. You’re kinda screwed. And I know many people listen to what I’m studying right now. And they’re saying themselves well I’d like if only the when it’s all perfect I get the the evidence for people screwing with employees after that accomplish great things is really quite overwhelming. The ones that drift off into the sunset to a life of us. It’s not like they don’t exist but they are the exception that proves the rule.

Well basically what you just said is tied up in your book here to stop doing all the stuff that you know you shouldn’t be doing and start doing the stuff that you know you should be doing. I mean that’s kind of what you just said in a nutshell.

Yeah and you know like if we have this thing that I often say to people I say look your success in life is almost exclusively tied to the degree that you can keep a promise to yourself.

So we as you know most people think he promises to myself Well look again though look at the job you’re in the degree you got your body your finances. Those are your promises right there. You told yourself I’m going to die. And somewhere along the way you changed that because the other thing with the now keep it a promise to yourself is saying you know I’m going to make 500 bucks between now and next Monday night and I’ve no idea how I’m going to do it.

But it’s on like Donkey Kong. And then I somehow deal with I give myself fully to that and then I’m with wow I get to meet you. Honestly, I’m a person they have examples of that and the like will be something they didn’t think they could. There was something that kept them going but they did and I say human being so those opportunities are strewn across your life where you could actually give your word to something and your job now was handling everything that you need to handle to deliver on things that are no obstacles just things that no require handling that doesn’t require handling. Before I said I was gonna do so I’m a little bold in my declarations I say what I’m gonna do because it does happen. It gives me something to play against that. Absolutely. OK. I know I’ve got some big problem. Why are going to do I’m not intimidated by the problems because I’ve been doesn’t go to a solution and I really need not ever since got a solution.

The question is does it do the same thing to solve the race problem some braces and it won’t work.

Well let me go back because you said are you willing to do what you know the thinking to solve that problem you mentioned earlier that you contemplate things sometimes for six months. How do you know when to execute. The thought that spinning your mind for the last six months.

Yeah it’s not like I don’t look at it in terms of execution. When I when I do something like that which I call an inquiry some in the inquiry are confident. For instance I just let it for me like it and watch me play and then so when it comes time for me to step out there and do the next thing and I see oh yeah there’s I don’t feel very good about doing this thing then I’m getting informed by the whole thing that I was an employee of.

So what I what I think I would recommend that to people I would recommend to people who spend six months of the life in the inquiry or something and you’re too Basie’s that that is what my wife should. That is why I write boxing courses and you know and coach people because that’s kind of my field it’s what I get. But I would say to people that if you’re gonna be a personal growth book or you’re going to read apprentice and in person development rather than sitting there reading it commonly some opinion about the and I don’t mean any quote right. You can get any any book can change your life. If you’re if you’re open to the suggestion that it could. I really need any book can change your life. Go read Cat in the hat. And it could change your life because you got to be really set aside and think about it and question yourself. And I really mean question yourself not like read the book and find the Galima which is how most people read a book looking for it. They’re writing about but rather look at the book for how it might inform you. It speak to me. What about Messen here. What does that really mean to me. And you’ll find that just about any book could inform you in such a way that it could change the very next and you’re on that that’s again that’s why I do what I do is why I stay in those kind of inquiries and do that kind of thing it so that you don’t have to know when I can present it to you in such a way that you might be able to come here much quicker action than having to sit there with it for six months.

Gary John Bishop wrote the book on f yourself. What’s the first step Gary to to basically unethical ourselves.

Yeah it’s practicing your promises.

So begins the stupid little things like every day for the next week I’m going to get up on the first ring of the alarm and building the muscle for keeping a promise to yourself as a first step and the end the better you get the Keeping promises yourself you’ll start to see more things is possible for you. Go when you don’t keep promises to yourself. You end up with this growing relationship to what you say like you’re full of.

Where do we find yourself?

It’s on Amazon Barnes Noble lots and lots of independent bookstores across the country. It’s a SSN International Book and watermarks come to any major bookstore in the United States you can get it in Canada and then also you can get it on Audible dot com you can get the audio version. You know it’s a very punchy and you’re say you know quick and dirty book when I say dirty I just mean it gets into the dirt of your life. And you know a lot of profanity. I think there might be two expletives in the whole book. But you can also get the audio version of the book, I narrate the audiobook myself and the audiobooks. the audiobook has done great I actually think it’s number four or five on that audible dot com left. So I’m pretty well.

That’s awesome. What about more information about you Gary.

Yeah. So you go to my Web site Gary John Bishop dot com. So you’re going to see the UnFu*k yourself series of courses that I’m offering people that they can use in conjunction with the book and it looks to me as about yourself. And then there’s another course of your relationships. And then of course it’s going to be coming to the end of the first quarter next year. But. What are you using a lot for. Those will be real. You know I’m committed as many people can get this work as possible so I’m not into charging people a thousand dollars for the cost of something you know just doesn’t doesn’t work I’m not interested in making available to the few I’m interested in make it available to many. You can do my courses you can buy the books you can sign up for what I call the UN’ f’ed s nation and become national and get blog pieces and videos and all kinds of cool stuff for free.

That’s great. Gary John so are you glad you named the book Un F yourself.

I mean I’m you know I know I’m glad to but I think I think that was enough to kind of have people look at the content of the book is what really got people going. And I know that that now you know that that name pisses some people off and they don’t like it, I appreciate that and I get that. But you know if you can’t read a book because the title then you really really need to unF yourself.