BS with Bob Schmidt

Eavesdrop on great conversations with Bob Schmidt

Award-winning interviewer Bob Schmidt is a radio veteran who has spent the past three decades of his life communicating with listeners. The BS'ing with Bob Schmidt podcast revolves around guests which include: entertainers, business owners, educators, marketers — people from all walks of life, with a wide range of expertise and experiences. My listeners know that when they tune in, they always have a chance to eavesdrop on great conversations. I've had conversations with a United States President, numerous Senators, several Governors, lots of rock stars, and many other "celebrities," But my favorite interviews, however, are those with business owners, entrepreneurs and authors. Talking about being an entrepreneur, running a business, or marketing their business.

BS Aside...

Life is TOO SHORT to be married to someone you don't LOVE, eat food that is TOO BURNT or TOO BRUISED or is NO GOOD, and is WAY TOO SHORT to drink SHITTY BEER (unless it's shitty beer Wednesday). So grab a GOOD ONE... and LET'S GET DOWN TO THE BS!